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Monday, July 19, 2010

Two in the sunrise.

Once again, I woke up late for work, As i reach home at 2pm the last night, I force myself to sleep at 3pm.. Should be reporting to work at 8.30am but i reported at 9.30am.
That was a long day for me. Luckily, Missy Yaxin, Xiaofei, Siaocb. My besties.
She came over to find me for my lunch break. We ordered Pepper Lunch. And she keep wanting to steal my Beef !!! :( Idiot !!
We took lots of photos, I told her that we are going to take 22 photos , as we took 21 the last time. But who knows, Who took untill 31photos :) thats fantastic man.
She was crazy alrights. She have to thanks me for making all of her photos so nice, Because i was in it.
I should have 2 time half an hour break, Cos i work the whole day, But because i meet her for almost an hour. My dinner break was taken out :( but whatever it is. Its still worth to meet her. I appreciate the 45min. Do you? Xiaofei :D
And i hope that you will get to see your feet soon HAHHAHAHA !!
Always had so much fun with you, so much to say, so much to crap, so much to joke. and so much to share. (L)
Love die Xiaofei, From Xiaohua:D

Today 19/7/2010

Woke up and Online, Wear Blue colour to work today :) firstime.. A auntie say i handsome wanna introduce her college to me, haha, SHY*

Yishen, A Rainbow In My Life.

Help other people troupe to Chushi :)
Meet Ahlek and Ah Seng .at 632 and Bus down Defu Lane.
Ahlek was the joker of my day. Freaking funny uh him.
Ahkok drive Aher lorry. that's so scary. We almost say our last words to the world.
Who held on tightly to the pole. Afraid that we will buang. hahahha.
Head down Bedok North de Sintua. Junhui say he saw me there. But i din see him-.-
While waiting for others TuaYaPeh to arrive we have so much fun.
Drink Tiger, ChitChat, Learn Dragon. Learn Zippo style. and Play Invisible dragon.
and I've finally know how to "banana"
In the lorry we sing along.
Our new speed, and new beat of " Raindrop I Ask You"